Welcome to Future Wise

Welcome to Future Wise



Technology helps us get things done and get on with our lives. It is always changing – and sometimes quickly.

Future Wise is intent on discussion and long-term policy development in areas related to technology. The development of high value industries, improvement of government services, availability of government data, infrastructure such as the NBN, improving research and innovation, how technology effects the way we interact socially, and the privacy and legal impacts of technology.


Health is a major government expense and always high on lists of topics of concern for the public.

More important than that, it directly impacts on people's wellbeing.

Future Wise is committed to a health system which delivers high-quality health care to all who need it, for an efficient price. But more than that, we believe that health policy must always focus on the big picture rather than purely responding to real or perceived challenges.


Education is key to ensuring intergenerational equity and success into the future and should encompass all levels of education – from early childhood to postgraduate.

Access to resources and educational opportunities should be made equitable across society. And we should be always striving for the best content delivered by the best teachers. At the higher education level, institutions should be supported to undertake research that will improve the quality of education but also society more generally.


Image credit: Mt Coot-tha Sunrise - Shaun Johnston via FlikrCC-BY-NC-ND-2.0