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Defend Encryption

Although we've been busy talking about #myHealthRecord this week, our colleagues at Access Now have sent the joint letter on encryption we mentioned a while back to relevant members of Parliament. You can still sign on at the website. And remember, all the talk about "bank-grade security" of myHealthRecord is 
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Be the Change

"Be the change you want to see in the world" -- attributed to Mahatma Ghandi, but may not be Here at Future Wise, we're pretty cut up about surveillance of people by their internet use. Mandatory data retention stinks and proposed laws to require device makers to allow access 
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Secure Australia

Future Wise joins with Australian digital rights organisations - Electronic Frontiers Australia, Digital Rights Watch and the Australian Privacy Foundation, and the international group Access Now to call on the Australian Government to support encryption and to reject any moves to undermine the security of our digital infrastructure. The groups 
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New, new site smell

Welcome back to Future Wise. Our blog has been offline for a while. Trent did a pretty impressive job of breaking it trying to get a post with a Youtube video to format properly on the page, and "helpfully" tried to upgrade it. You can read some of his thoughts 
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Call to secure the internet

Today, Future Wise has joined hundreds of individuals, organisations and companies in calling on world leaders to support strong encryption and to reject any laws or policies which would undermine digital security. Several countries around the world are considering proposals which would undermine strong encryption, in the name of “security” and 
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Make your voice known

There’s plenty of issues that we shout about at the TV, on Facebook, Twitter, or in the “comments”. That we discuss (or often rant about) with our friends and family. If there’s an issue you feel strongly about there’s many ways you can make your voice known. And in more creative 
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What a week

We’re all pretty excited about how things have come together for the week that we launched our flash new webpage, as you read in Geordie’s first post. Hopefully, its a sign of things to come and we can maintain our momentum to keep pushing out our ideas. But to top off 
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Welcome to Future Wise

Welcome to Future Wise. We are a group of Australians dedicated to ideas – discussing and spreading the good ones and shining light onto the bad ones. Our goal is to improve the life of Australians – now and into the future. Our primary areas of focus are technology, 
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