New, new site smell

1 min read November 19, 2017 at 2:45pm on Meta

Welcome back to Future Wise.

Our blog has been offline for a while. Trent did a pretty impressive job of breaking it trying to get a post with a Youtube video to format properly on the page, and "helpfully" tried to upgrade it. You can read some of his thoughts about doctors and technology in his blog post. (the post in question will appear soon).

Getting the blog back online is a pretty typical example of technology's march. The old blog (Wordpress) was bloated and slow to use, even though it looked nice. Trent's penance has been to port the old blog over to a new platform (does anyone know what happened to Mr Guy?) and this is it.

The new platform is called Leafpub. You'll see that it looks much the same, but is much faster, and - even better - much easier to make posts with. Hopefully this means you'll be hearing more from us over the next little while.

Feel free to look around, and let us know if you find anything that's not working. As a webmaster, Trent makes an excellent doctor, after all.

Image credit : Morgan-Whyalla pipeline construction - by SA Water - via Flikr - CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0