Several countries around the world are considering proposals which would undermine strong encryption, in the name of “security” and fighting crime.  However, encryption tools form the backbone of secure internet commerce and banking, and allow internet users to maintain privacy and anonymity.  The United Nations Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Opinion and Expression has called these tools “necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom of opinion and expression in the digital age”

Future Wise supports the message in the letter organised by Access Now and supported by civil society organisations from around the globe- that the internet belongs to the world’s people and not its governments, and that bans on encryption technology, so-called “back doors” for governments or law enforcement agencies are not acceptable.

Over the last several years, digital rights have been restricted in the name of national security – mandatory data retention, warrantless surveillance and freedom of association. Future Wise calls on the Australian Government and other world leaders to support strong standards for encryption to maintain privacy, rather than trading away further rights in the name of “public safety”.

A media release is available here. For further comment, contact Future Wise from our webpage or via email.

Image credit: System lock by Yuri Samoilov, via flikr – CC-BY-2.0)