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Call to Secure the Internet

January 12, 2016 Future Wise Announcements, Technology

Today, Future Wise has joined hundreds of individuals, organisations and companies in calling on world leaders to support strong encryption and to reject any laws or policies which would undermine digital security. Several countries around the world are considering proposals which would undermine strong encryption, in the name of “security” and fighting crime.  However, encryption […]

What a week

February 12, 2015 Trent Announcements, Data Retention, Technology

We’re all pretty excited about how things have come together for the week that we launched our flash new webpage, as you read in Geordie’s first post. Hopefully, its a sign of things to come and we can maintain our momentum to keep pushing out our ideas. But to top off the week, we’ve just […]

Welcome to Future Wise

February 11, 2015 Future Wise Announcements

Welcome to Future Wise. We are a group of Australians dedicated to ideas – discussing and spreading the good ones and shining light onto the bad ones. Our goal is to improve the life of Australians – now and into the future. Our primary areas of focus are technology, health, and education because of their […]

New Site Smell

February 9, 2015 Geordie Announcements

There’s nothing quite like new site smell. The Future Wise leadership team has been busy organising what we’ll look and feel like on the web.  There’s a sense of excitement in the chats at the moment.  The folks who know how to beat a website into submission are breaking a sweat and the folks whose expertise […]