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Democratised feels

January 17, 2017 Trent Society

Paul Kidd, someone I know through my work in the HIV sector, pointed out on Facebook, that 2016 wasn’t 2001 (September 11th) or 1941 (WW2) or 1914 (WW1) or any of the other years in which momentously awful things happened.  Despite this, there seems to have been a general consensus that 2016 was below average in […]

The Lure of Big Data Denies Natural Justice

December 30, 2016 Kate Galloway Society, Technology

Since Christmas, media has been flooded with stories of people apparently wrongly subjected to Centrelink debt recovery processes. It seems that Centrelink, Australia’s department responsible for assessing and dispensing social security payments, is suffering from a bad case of big data. Consequently, its customers are being wrongfully threatened with legal action for failure to pay […]

Chip, Chip, Chipping Away

August 30, 2016 Kate Galloway Society

Welcome to the newest member of the Future Wise team – Kate Galloway.  Kate is a legal academic at Bond University, with interests in property law, legal education and the intersection of the law and society.   She also writes a regular column for Eureka St, and blogs on her own blog at You can […]