The Government has also called for an inquiry into its proposed reforms of the personally-controlled electronic health record (PCEHR – which I learned a couple of weeks ago is intended to be pronounced “pecker”).   There are many challenges with implementing eHealth – which even the government realises.

One of the fundamental challenges of an eHealth system is the competing (and often polar opposite) wishlist of features from healthcare workers and privacy wonks.  Really nobody is happy with the current PCEHR; doctors are concerned it won’t be helpful, privacy types think it has insufficient protections, the general population don’t see the benefit (as evidenced by the low uptake rate).

If there’s something that is a better fit for the sort of thing I wanted to do with Future Wise than taking a badly implemented, complex issue that sits at the intersection of health, technology and privacy and trying to come up with a sensible way of moving forward, I can’t think of it right now.

But we’d like to get you more involved, as well.  Read the discussion papers and then come and talk to us on our forum. We’ll be making a submission, but the more views we get, the better it will be.

Submissions are due by 24th June.

Image credit:  Health Keyboard Button by – via Flickr- CC-BY-2.0