Medical and Elder Law Conference

1 min read November 30, 2018 at 10:19am on Health, Privacy and Technology

Thanks very much to ConfereNZ for asking Trent to speak at their recent Medical and Elder Law conference in Auckland.

It was a whistlestop fly-in, fly-out tour for Trent (Auckland looked lovely from the back of the cab; he only saw it one-way because it was dark when he arrived), but was a great opportunity to spread the work that Future Wise have been doing on myHealthRecord.

You can see the presentation he gave here (spoiler: it's quite similar to his previous talks, but getting more polished with practice). Of course, the Australian government was actually passing its (inadequate) amendments to the Bill pretty much as Trent was giving his presentation, but most of the points made still hold.

Here are his conclusions:






Everyone is fired up by the #aabill amendments at the moment - take some time to call your MP, particularly if you're in a Labor-held seat. You can see the media release from our colleagues at EFA here. The Secure Australia petitions will be delivered by Access Now on behalf of the coalition today. 


Image credit : couple sitting side by side - Elien Dumon - via Unsplash - CC0