The Future Wise leadership team has been busy organising what we’ll look and feel like on the web.  There’s a sense of excitement in the chats at the moment.  The folks who know how to beat a website into submission are breaking a sweat and the folks whose expertise lie elsewhere are offering useful comments like “looking good” (thanks Doctor Yarwood), but the vibe is the same; when you’re a new organisation doing a new thing a new way, the new website really seems to drive a sense of “we’re here”.

Of course Future Wise as an organisation has kicked goals already.  Our submission to the parliamentary inquiry about amending legislation to introduce mandatory data retention is something we’re all deeply proud of. It’s exactly the type of detailed, rational, expert argument about why a terrible idea is terrible that we’re all committed to ensuring sets the tone for us as a public voice.

Personally I’m really buoyant.  Along with that submission, and the website, the forums are going great and starting to see a great level of engagement and discussion.  It’s moving forward, and in the right direction.  I suspect our efforts to make everything look slick and perfect on the day we make it public will at some point trip, that always happens.  But for now I think our first crack at a handful of things have been what we all had in mind when we started and that’s great.

Please excuse any construction materials you come across, and if you have suggestions, concerns or comments feel free to contact us.

Now I have some more amazing creative commons-licensed photographs from Australian shutter bugs to hunt down to adorn our web home to give it the right feel.  All attributed the way they request of course.  There’s some amazing sharing culture that makes stuff like this possible.

Photo credit: Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline construction - SA Water, via Flikr - CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0