Data retention

It was data retention that acted as the catalyst to turn a bunch of rowdy whingers on the internet into Future Wise. We feel just as strongly now as we did then that it is a terrible policy, which has been poorly implemented, for the wrong reasons, and is neither necessary or proportionate to the problems it will "solve". We will continue to advocate for its repeal, and to highlight the unintended consequences of the scheme.

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One Rule for Some

There's been a fairly amazing level of cognitive dissonance going on lately - even by the seemingly ever-increasingly dissonant standards of modern times.  Stilgherrian's podcast, The 9pm Edict, featured a grab shortly after the federal election from a rural NSW voter who was very keen for a change of government, 
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The price of convenience

If you’ve seen any discussion online about privacy and the use of free online services, you’ve probably seen the quote:  “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” – which has been attributed to Andrew Lewis.  It’s not a universally-held view, but from the point of view of your personal data, 
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Retention scope creep exposed

Future Wise has been against data retention since the beginning. Before coming together to start the organisation we were against it as individuals. Retention is a terrible idea for a million reasons, but one of the biggest we have always argued is that it represents a publicly visible opportunity for 
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Straw Monis argument

Here at Future Wise, we’re pretty fired up about the Government’s plans to introduce mandatory data retention.  We’ve written a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee and you can see my blog post as well as articles by Leanne in Crikey and the Guardian and by Geordie in the Guardian as well.  We’re waiting for the PM’s national security statement to Parliament  – 
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There is no "meta"

The Attorney-General’s Department would like to collect your “metadata”. It tried to get the former Labor government to introduce it, and has found a willing ally in the current government’s focus on national security. The government and its security agencies assure you it is vital to prevent terrorism that they be able to more easily access 
Avatar Trent on Data retention, Privacy and Technology