We are a group of Australians dedicated to ideas – discussing and spreading the good ones and shining light onto the bad ones. Our goal is to improve the life of Australians – now and into the future. Our primary areas of focus are technology, health, and education because of their impacts on the lives of Australians, but we will not limit ourselves to these areas. We are non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party, lobby group or industry association, and we will argue for our ideas without fear or favour of any side of politics.

We believe that the current approach to considering technology is not helpful – the dominating Canberra consensus is that the Internet is a scary monster to be feared and controlled, that the sum total of the broadband debate is where the fibre terminates, and that renewable energy technology depends on your ideological view on climate change. All of these questions are short-term, political questions, rather than addressing the fundamental issue – in what way does technology make our lives better now, and how should we use it to make things even better in the future?

The same problems of short-term thinking plague the health debate. How can we ensure that as many people as possible live a life which is as healthy and happy as possible? This is a question that is not answered by squabbling over private vs public health insurance, but needs a whole-of-life and whole-of-society approach, which we hope to bring to the debate.

We also think that education is of key importance in allowing people to take part in modern society. Early childhood care sets the foundation for a life of learning – which happens regardless of whether people pursue university, technical or on-the-job education. Which of these options people choose for their post-secondary education is a personal choice, and the education system must be inclusive and accessible, but also flexible and able to respond to our rapidly changing world.

If you would like to learn more about the people who make up the leadership team of Future Wise, you can read about them here.

We also have a discussion forum and encourage you all to contribute your thoughts on any relevant topics – we’d love to see as many people joining in as possible.  We hope that it is a place for a diversity of ideas and robust but civil discussion.

If you would like more information about Future Wise, to collaborate with us or contribute to our work, then you can contact us via our webpage, or via email: info@futurewise.org.au